Gary Haas
Preschool Principal Tel. 419-862-1070 ext. 2010
The Woodmore Preschool program provides early learning for children ages three, four, and five. It is an all-day preschool offering a Monday/Wednesday class and a Tuesday/Thursday class. We are an integrated preschool program serving both children identified with special education needs and typically developing children. Our preschool is licensed by the Ohio Department of Education.

Philosophy: Woodmore Preschool supports the philosophy that all children are born ready to learn, relationships are influential, environment matters, and that communication is critical. We strive to facilitate your children in developing healthy personalities, self-direction, and inner control. We also believe in fostering student abilities to express their own ideas, complete tasks, and develop appropriate social behaviors. Through participation in the Woodmore Preschool Program students will experience cognitive, physical and social growth to reach their full potential and become successful citizens within the community, home, and school.