Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom Duration

Each class is set up with 18 lessons and should take one semester to complete. High School courses will be worth0.5 credits and will count towards graduation. Each class will be graded by total points and the total points may vary lesson to lesson and class to class. The grades will be imported to Progress Book so students and Parents should be able to easily follow along with their progress.

Virtual Classroom is for one semester. Later in the semester we will send out a survey to see if the student will remain in Virtual Classroom or come back to in-person instruction. Once this declaration is made we will create a second semester schedule for the student.

Good luck this semester!

Points of Contact

  1. If you have questions on the course content, please contact the teacher of record. For example, High School English questions would go to Mrs. Nitz. Grades 4-5 questions would go to Mrs. Lattimore.

  2. If you are experiencing any software issues or problems with the functionality of Progress Book, please contact one of the following WLS employees:

    • For high school students, contact Mr. Dane Bonnigson at

    • For K-8 students please contact Mrs. Kim Sorenson at

    • Please allow for a little time between your question and Mr. Bonnigson's response. If it is a ProgressBook issue we will have to work through ProgressBook for a solution.

  3. If you have questions about adding classes or electives, credit obtainment, the workload, or any other guidance related questions, please contact your building level guidance counselor.

  4. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact your building level principal.

Overview and Basic Steps

Virtual Classroom is a blended learning management system that is run through Progress Book. Students will log-in to their Progress Book account, select activities, and click on a released lesson to begin their work. The teachers are going to release one lesson per week. This will allow each student to spend the amount of time the lesson calls for, take their time with the assignments and assessments, and not feel overwhelmed. This means that if a student has six courses assigned they will get six lessons released each week. Releasing one lesson per week will also mean that if a student chooses to come back to in-person instruction after semester one, they will be very close to where their in-person classmates are within the scheduled curriculum and standards.

To access your lessons:

  1. Log in to ProgressBook

  2. Click Activities

  3. Your assigned classes and lessons released will appear after clicking Activities

  4. Select one of the lessons and begin

  5. Lessons are able to be started and stopped so the entire lesson does not have to be completed in one sitting. Student should hit save so they don't lose any information. When the entire lesson is completed, the student will need to click Submit Lesson to submit that lesson to the teacher of record so it can be graded.